Looking for more DSTV Leads in your area?

Then this website is for you…

Register and List your DSTV installation or DSTV Repairs business with us – your one stop DSTV Directory Service that lists all DSTV service providers across South Africa at an affordable rate.

By registering with us you get:

  • One portfolio page about your business and what you do.
  • 3 images that showcases your services
  • Your company logo
  • Listing under 2 cities / suburbs and 1 province to get leads
  • An approved ‘DSTV Directory’ logo that you will add to your website as a ‘stamp of approval’

Benefits of listing with us:

  • Get you more leads and sales from our website
  • Advertise your brand or company to people who are looking for your services
  • Get DSTV leads for the areas you service
  • Your business will be seen as more credible and trustworthy and will be a preferred DSTV supplier in the areas you are listed in.

Registration and monthly Listing costs:

You get all this for R 250 per month (as a listing fee so your profile is always active on our website)  and a once off fee of R 450 as a registration fee.

How do we ensure that you get leads:

Our sister company Fast Forward Marketing are specialists in the online marketing industry and they have optimized our website (www.DSTVdirectory.co.za) so we rank very highly on the first page of google for many (if not all) provinces, cities, suburbs within South Africa. By listing with us, your business will have massive exposure to these rankings in all areas or suburbs – therefore driving more leads and sales to your business.