Multichoice Approved Dstv Installer in Durbanville covering the Cape Town area.

Home Network Solutions, a division of The Techno Group is a Multichoice accredited DStv installer, providing highly professional DStv installation in Durbanville and the greater Cape Town area. Being an approved DStv installer ensures you that we are constantly assessed by Multichoice quality control on an ongoing basis to ensure that our DStv installations adhere to their stringent criteria in terms of knowledge, workmanship and ethics.
Advantages of using a Multichoice Accredited Dstv installer:

1: We know what we are doing, and are kept up to date with the latest technologies and offerings by Multichoice.

2: We are obliged to purchase our materials from multichoice approved suppliers, ensuring you of quality guaranteed products of known origin, no grey imports.

3: We are bound by a code of ethics in terms of giving honest advice, market related pricing and accurate quotes where possible.

4: If you are in any way unhappy with our services you may approach multichoice directly with your complaint and they will jump on us on your behalf.

If a dstv installer is NOT Multichoice accredited, you need to ask “Why Not” ?

What’s New from DSTV?

1: High Definition, Multichoice’s new HD PVR offers 4 times the picture resolution of the standard signal and stunning 5.1 surround sound, connect this to your HD TV and home theatre system for brilliant DVD quality picture and sound. 

Tape one channel while watching another. 

Catch Up, the more popular programmes are automatically stored for a week after first broadcast for viewing anytime, with NO ad breaks.

Pause, fast forward, rewind live TV.

Box Office, rent the latest releases for R25.00 for 48 hours, watch as often as you like during the 48 hour period.

2: Extra View, connect two compatible decoders on a single installation, these could be standard, or HD decoders. Be able to watch two different channels on two different TV’s at the same time. If using HD decoders then record two other channels at the same time.

3: High definition distribution, exciting new HD splitters enable true HD picture and sound quality to be distributed to more than one TV in the home over long distances, instead of the old HD on one TV and Standard Definition on all the


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